Camelot Manor Inc. DBA Brockford Inn
Camelot Manor Inc. DBA Brockford Inn


         Brockford Inn Assisted Living has been in operation for over 40 years. Founded by Judith E. Barlow, Brockford Inn has been cultivated into a facility serving health care and community needs to residents. 

Founder Judith E. Barlow

      Many people knew Judith Barlow as an ambitious caregiver.  Judy's compassion and love for  people is what defined her career path. As a young wife and mother in the 1950's, Judy had some very daunting challenges. To complement her intro into early parenthood, she was faced with two more challenges, to complete her education, all the while trying to pursue her passion in healthcare. Judy's characteristics would be clearly defined as courageous and determined, for she would continue forward in life, against all odds, and achieve her ultimate goal.

      Judy undoubtedly made a profession in healthcare administration, after spending several years working in nursing and training along the way. She was a compassionate, stern, and reasonable leader. She always knew that the most important thing about an assisted living facility was the care of the residents and she couldn't stress that enough to staff. Judy was our mentor, and our teacher. Thanks to her remarkable work, she has remained a living entity of the Brockford Inn family. We will continue to adhere to the values and standards that she lived by, despite her not being with us any longer.

Our Commitment

Brockford Inn is licensed by the North Carolina State Department of  Health and Human Reasources. In addition to the regulations set forth by DHHS, we set our own high standards for care and services. We are committed to providing the highest quality residential care for the elderly, as well as the dementia stricken, the mentally ill, and the homeless. We assist individuals in achieving an optimum level of independence and success in the environment of their choice, while remaining sensitive to community needs and available resources.

Mission Statement

Here at Brockford Inn, our mission is to provide quality care to residents, yet offer them a comfortable and relaxing home environment. We will accomplish this underlying task through servicing their needs precisely and punctually by the orchestration of an elite workforce. Thanks to an environment that fosters perpetual improvement, our humble business will always be committed to achieving residential healthcare excellence.

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